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India & Japan

The pandemic shouldn't stop giving global exposure to youth.

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SHIN PROGRAM is a Japanese style experiential holistic group learning program from JAPAN. This program can improve not only the overall academic skills of children but also their non-cognitive abilities dramatically. This innovative yet simple program is designed to be incredibly flexible so that teachers can always customise and adjust teaching as per the situation and level of students without facing any extra burden.

About Us
About Us


KG to Class 5 (even class 6 & 7 can learn with the program if required.)


The objectives are not to improve abilities for a specific subject. Rather, we focus on the holistic development of children and improving their 21st-century skills that are essential in current education.

​ - Logical thinking
- Critical thinking
- Creativity
- Imagination
- Problem-solving
​ - Self-discipline - Perseverance - Communication - Teamwork - Friendship

About Us
About Us


SHIN PROGRAM consists of various enjoyable hands-on activities that can improve the above-mentioned abilities. Learning with SHIN PROGRAM is truly activity-based, interactive, motivative, integrated, flexible, and above all, very enjoyable. Furthermore, Japanese style group learning methods can improve the non-cognitive abilities of children such as self-discipline, teamwork, perseverance, etc.

These methods will also be an eye-opening learning experience for teachers that they can utilize in many different situations.


1. Contact Us

Our team will introduce our programs to you.

2. Planing

Our team will explain how to integrate our program in your school curriculum.

3. Become our Partner School

We decide to implement the program and make your school our partner school.

4. Training for Teachers

Teachers will undergo our unique and effective training so they can be confident in facilitation.

5. Assessment & Support

Our team make sure if the program is functioning effectively by observing classes and working with teachers very closely.

6. Feedback to a Principal

Based on our unique assessment, we will share feedback with a principal. Our partner schools will get the latest update of our new education program.