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# 21st Century Skills

# NEP 2020


Our world is changing faster than ever before. Shin Global Collaborative Learning Program is an inquiry based learning program through interaction with Japanese schools. By using ICT tools and videos, students can deepen their understanding of other countries as well as their own country and themselves without going abroad physically. It is not just about enjoying conversations with Japanese students, but this program is designed to develop global literacy to collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds.

We will find the best partner school in Japan according to each school's request. This program is flexibly designed and adjustable as per the situation and level of students.

*Both online and offline international exchange would be available once the pandemic is over.

" Teachers enjoy.
That's why students enjoy more. "


Shin Global Collaborative Learning Program is the best way to develop 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, information literacy, leadership, and self-awareness etc. Through interactions with Japanese students, students can learn from each other and acquire the skills required to become global leaders.

 – Critical thinking        – Information literacy

–  Creativity                     – Imagination

–  Problem-solving 

– Self-discipline           – Collaboration

– Communication        – Teamwork

– Leadership                  – Self-awareness

| Supported by our experienced academic team

Our academic team members have many years of experience at prestigious schools in India.
Japanese teachers of your partner school and our academic team will support your students as a team. It is the key for the comprehensive inquiry based learning experience based on each student's interest. Moreover, it is also a good opportunity for teachers to understand teaching methods in another country.


The program was awesome where children from different countries and different culture got to interact with each other on one platform and experienced global exposure at their early stage. There were engagement activities with common objective to be disciplined during the hour.


Class 5

He has become more appreciative of other cultures and customs. The program has enriched him and broadened his horizon.


Class 5-6

My son was very excited to hear about japanese traditions and curiosity to know more about how life goes on in other countries increased. He has more acceptance for other cultures and happiness in sharing his own country’s customs. 


Class 8-9

Quiz session with Japanese students

I feel really good and happy . It is interesting and I do not realise about the time I get engaged and never feel bored . 


Class 3-5

This online program has certainly been some of the best days of my entire year. The exchange allowed me to interact with people, make new friends, and learn more about Japan overall.This experience has left a lasting effect on me and has shown me that the world is full of wonderful people.
Not only this, I have come to know about the differences and similarities that shape our cultures. This truly has been a wonderful experience.


Class 11

International exchange using video was a great idea. Usually international exchange are very traditional where go to the country and meet the people but with the current circumstances, this was an excellent idea where we could talk to each other without having to physically be with them. I felt so connected to all my peer.


Class 11

It was a great learning experience about Japanese lifestyle, food and festivals. I thoroughly enjoyed it and connected with Japanese students easily and felt homely with them. I would like to be a part of more such exchange programs. Thank you.


Class 8-9

Frequently Asked Questions

Please kindly contact us and let us know your request from the Contact Us page. We will find the best partner school according to your request.

This program is basically designed for Class 6 or above. 

Shin Program is recommended for students from KG to Class 5.

It would be the best if each student could have a laptop or a tablet with Wi-Fi connection. Depending on the content chosen by your school, one device per group may also be acceptable.

Yes, of course. As long as your school have stable internet facilities, there would be no problem at all. Please do not hesitate to contact us from Contact Us page.

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