Study Tour
(to Japan / from japan)

in-person interaction with Japanese students and various special activities 

by visiting Japan or hosting students coming to India

<for students From class 7 to class 12>

Study Tour to Japan

Students can visit Japan to experience real lifestyle and culture there. With our network in Japan, students will have opportunities to interact with Japanese students in prestigious schools and visit various places.

* This itinerary is just an example. Actual schedule will be changed depending on the requests from school and availability of Japanese school and companies.

* Optional tour to Kyoto or Hiroshima can be arranged upon request.

Study Tour from Japan

A great chance to give opportunities of cross-cultural experiences for many students in your school. Through the in-person interaction with Japanese students, Indian students can learn Japanese culture and their way of thinking.

This program is not only the interaction at school. Host students can experience various activities together with Japanese students. It will include visits to the locations as below.
* The contents may vary depending on the availability of companies / organizations and requests from Japanese schools.

  • IT Delhi (Lecture from professor and interaction with IIT students)
    You can see a report from here
  • Japanese company
  • Start-up company
  • IT business company
  • World heritage Places


I learnt about Japanese customs, food and about life in Japan in general. I was very happy to gain someone like a brother for a week, and I was very very sad to see him go.


Host school for Study Tour from Japan

In the beginning, I was blown away by the incredible kindness and warmth of the Japanese people; they were simply extreme nice! This newfound understanding allowed me to appreciate the depth and richness of Japanese culture and the multifaceted nature of its people beyond my initial surface impressions.


Host school for Study Tour from Japan

The lecture by the professor of IIT was extremely interesting. I learned about the use of robotics and AI in robots and gained interest in the field of cobotics.


Host school for Study Tour from Japan

The entire experience was quite exhilarating and informative, I learnt some Japanese and taught my guest Hindi as well. It was great having her here and finding out things about her culture.


Host school for Study Tour from Japan

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