[Study Tour from Japan] Both Japanese and Indian students broadened their horizons and learned from each other

In December, two prestigious Japanese schools came to India for study tours coordinated by us.

  1. Osaka Meisei Gakuen, Meisei High School visited The HDFC School, Gurgaon
  2. Toshimagaoka Joshigakuen Junior & Senior High School visited Uttam School for Girls

It’s not an one-day interaction event. Japanese students stayed at homes of Indian students, and experienced various special activities like visiting IIT Delhi, start-up companies, Japanese companies, and World Heritage sites like Taj Mahal or Qutub Minar.

The Indian host students learned a lot about Japanese culture and traditions from the Japanese students and formed strong bonds with their new friends. This program broadened the horizons of not only Japanese students but also Indian students.


Please find an article on Asian Community News about the study tour of Osaka Meisei Gakuen, Meisei High School.


Last Updated on 2024-01-26