International exchange – The HDFC Schools & Karuizawa Kazakoshi Gakuen

We have conducted a Global Collaborative Learning Program between Karuizawa Kazakoshi Gakuen in Nagano prefecture, Japan and The HDFC School Pune and Bengaluru between June and July. Participants experienced international exchange through video interaction. From a video posted by The HDFC School, Bengaluru From a video posted by Karuizawa Kazakoshi […]

Shin Edupower is certified as “Kawasaki SDGs Gold Partner”

We are pleased to announce that we were certified as “Kawasaki SDGs Gold Partner” by Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan on 24 August 2022.  Kawasaki SDGs Partener is the system in which Kawasaki city certifies and registers companies and organizations working to achieve SDGs. (Reference: About “Kawasaki SDGs Partner” system (Japanese)) […]