Interactive Session with Teachers at Tagore International School, East of Kailash 

Teacher training was held at Tagore International School, East of Kailash on 24th September, 2022.

Since the pandemic has struck, the education system is affected immensely. Students not being able to go to the school has impacted their overall disciplinary conditioning. 

We really respect principals and teachers who have been continuously making efforts to get the students back on the track of discipline as they use to be.

The principal of the school Ms. Mallika Preman, is very passionate about education and so are the teachers of the school. 

The vision of the school is to provide a platform where 21st-century skills of critical thinking, leadership and effective communication are the hallmarks of the learning process and we see a strong link between their vision and our objective of the program. 


We were very happy to hear from teachers that students truly enjoyed our hands-on activities in a group and re-recognised the joy of learning together. We are always grateful for teachers who are making this happen through their passion, efforts, love for students and facilitation skills.  It is an immense pleasure that we have this school as our partner school.


In the face-to-face training session that was held for the teachers, we explained our teaching methods in the most effective manner. Teachers also did the activities themselves to have a practical and clear understanding of the activities. Not only the activities, teachers learnt how to make the facilitation more effective and yet enjoyable for the students in group learning.  Teachers thoroughly enjoyed the activities as our company believes that if teachers enjoy, only then the children will enjoy more.  


Teachers also shared their feedback regarding the program. 

Quoting some of them would be:

“Students got quite motivated so they told me that they wanted to do the activities back at home as well.”

“Students missed hands-on activities during the pandemic so they really enjoy the activities and always look forward to Shin Program”. 


We will look forward to providing the best possible support to the school teachers wherever it is needed. 

We also discuss our collaboration in our Global Collaborative Learning Program which promotes inquiry-based learning through interaction between Indian and Japanese students. 

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