Shin Program Teacher Training @ GD Goenka Global School

Shin Program (Japanese style Experiential Holistic Learning Program) will be introduced in GD Goenka Global School Noida Sec 50 from September this year (2022). GD Goenka Group Schools is one of the reputed schools having its branches across India. 

After two years of online classes in India due to the pandemic, students finally started attending school this year.
In talking to educators in India, we have heard many people say that the impact of not being able to come to school for two years has been particularly great for primary students, and that many schools are having a hard time getting children to learn discipline.

The owner and principal of this school is very passionate about education so that we have decided to partner with them to provide a Hands-on activity-based group learning program that both teachers and students can enjoy and improve their teamwork skills and self discipline even from the middle of academic session. 

On 6 September 2022, a face-to-face teacher training session was held for teachers.
Founder, Mr Takanobu Tanaka was present at the training and interacted with principal and teachers.

We have visited and interacted with teachers in quite a number of schools in India so we could observe that the teachers at this school were very proactive and enthusiastic. There is a great teamwork and cheerful atmosphere among the teachers, led by the principal and the coordinator, and we are very grateful to have such a school as a partner school.

During the teacher training, we explained our own effective teaching methods to the teachers while they actually experienced the activities.

The teachers shared us the following opinions 
“The activities are not only fun for the children, but also for the teachers. I truly enjoyed.”
“The program allows children to develop thinking skills, creativity and problem-solving skills while having fun.”
“This program can promote enjoyable group learning, which was not possible in online classes.”
“The structure of the activities is very simple and flexible, so we can start using the program in the classroom immediately.”

Partner School: GD Goenka Global School 
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■ What is Shin Program®? 

SHIN PROGRAM is a Japanese style experiential holistic learning program that has been implemented at many top rank schools in India. It consists of various innovative hands-on activities which were carefully designed to develop essential abilities of children like logical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, imagination, concentration, motor skills, and thinking out of the box at the best ages (the primary ages). Since SHIN PROGRAM is truly activity-based, interactive and very enjoyable, children can purely enjoy learning as if they play and unknowingly develop their brains, personality and multiple skills without facing any burden. This will help them create strong fundamental for various subjects and situations for a lifetime.
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