A great interaction between top-ranked girls’ schools in both India and Japan (Uttam School for Girls, Ghaziabad and Toshimagaoka Joshigakuen School)

We have successfully conducted a Global Collaborative Learning Program between Uttam School for Girls, Ghaziabad and Toshimagaoka Joshigakuen Junior and Senior High School.
We had over 50 participants from grade 9 to 11 from each school. All of them were very proactive and did a great job in the interaction.

Toshimagaoka Joshigakuen is one of the best girls’ schools in Japan. The school is located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo and is known for their advanced education, especially in science. We are pleased to have the opportunity to connect the two top-ranked schools which provide great education to the girls in each country.

The participants tried group activities to make group videos. Although making a group output by doing interaction in English could be hard, all of the groups completed their work by the deadline.

Though they seemed nervous at first, most of the participants enjoyed conversation with their group members with full of smile at the end. We saw the growth of the students even in a short period. We appreciate all the participants who actively tried the interaction and the teachers who helped to make the program happen.

We believe that it is very important for them to have such global collaboration experiences during their younger age. It will empower students and help them to grow further after that.

We will keep putting our effort to offer such experiences for more students and schools.


<School websites>
Uttam School for Girls, Ghaziabad: https://www.uttamschool.org/

Toshimagaoka Joshigakuen Junior and Senior High School: https://www.toshimagaoka.ed.jp/